The BIGGEST MISTAKE Most Web Designers Make
This is the #1 MISTAKE almost every web design company makes when building your website. 🤯 Why not do it right the first time?! 💡

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While many website designers are knowledgeable about SEO best practices, it’s unfortunate that they often do not prioritize it when building websites. Search engine optimization is important because it builds pathways for your visitors to easily find you online.

For the non-techies, let me describe it like this…  

You wouldn’t build your house on a property that was in the middle of a forest (The Online World), behind a big mountain (Your Biggest Competitor), surrounded by a biodiverse terrain (All User Demographics) spanning 1000s of miles (Geolocation), and expect your target audience to find your business and it actually yield fruit (Results) would you? 🤔

This is what it’s like when websites are built without implementing even the basics of on-site SEO. In other words, without implementing SEO best practices, It’s like building a house without any navigable roads leading to it.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, SEO should always be considered throughout the website design process, rather than as an afterthought. It is a CRUCIAL and KEY component in improving the website’s visibility in search engine results pages and ultimately driving more traffic to the website. 

Offering search engine optimization as an add-on option or better yet, including it in the website build process is something we believe every web designer should have in their web service package.

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