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CliniCore Labs features a novelty science that improves patient care through groundbreaking and innovative non-invasive testing methods.  They first approached us in 2017 as a start-up with no brand or web presence. Soon after WebMark built their entire brand, marketing strategy, and web presence to a height that allowed them to improve their sample volume and increase their revenue streams exponentially.

CliniCore Labs Website designed by WebMark Consulting Group
CliniCore Labs Website designed by WebMark Consulting Group

How We Increased CliniCore's Sales & Volume Exponentially

The Challenge

CliniCore needed a marketing strategy and website that showcased the lab’s ability to improve patient care through small volume blood testing.  CliniCore is the first lab to accurately test hormones with a simple finger prick, eliminating the need for a venous puncture. The problem was, how do you get physicians to implement this new method of testing within their clinics.

The Solution

Getting physicians to change their practices and implement a new method of testing is no easy feat. We worked directly with the CEO and sales team to identify the marketing strategies and direction of their brand. With respect to this new novelty science, we designed the logo with the tagline – Superior Science Creates Quality Patient Care. 

From here we developed their website and SEO management solution along with a strategic marketing campaign that stemmed from this concept. Once the website was launched we created daily marketing campaigns for both the digital space and sales teams.

A sales folder with several interchangeable marketing pieces allowed the sales team to easily market their services to physicians with a powerful sales tool that was tailored to each physician’s practice. This eliminated confusion and created a stronger relationship with the doctor with whom they were meeting.

Clinicore Sales Kit and folder, pamphlet, and brochure
Clinicore Sales Kit and folder, pamphlet, and brochures.

Consistency Across All Verticals

With our help, we were able to implement CliniCore’s method across other labs in Tampa, West Virginia, and many other states across the U.S with Core Clinical Consulting, a partner of CliniCore Labs.

To achieve this we developed Core Clinical Consulting’s website and marketing strategy with a slight difference in messaging and the same brand design.

A few months into working with them, we managed to scale their sample volume to 317%. This is huge for a startup! Coupled with Core Clinical Consulting, their sales continue to increase per month by an average of 24%.

Core Clinical Consulting Website designed by Allison Lawless
Core Clinical Consulting Website designed by WebMark Group

Like the results we produced for CliniCore Labs?

Workflow + Functionality + Brand Messaging = Guaranteed Success

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