Client Work

Jerry Torres and his team needed a website and new brand to reflect his campaign effectively online. Jerry Torres was running for congress in Florida and has been elected to REPRESENT FLORIDA’S 14TH DISTRICT. 

How We Helped This Congressman Get Elected In Florida

The Challenge

Jerry Torres and his campaign executives need an expedited site within 2 days to launch their campaign early Monday morning. WebMark was able to design its logo and website within 24 hours, which exceeded its previous online presence and UX.

The Solution

WebMark Consulting Group Partners with Best Sellers LLC to produce effective web development and marketing campaigns for candidates nationwide. With our efficient team of web developers and designers, we were able to push out a fully optimized site that features exceptional user experience and motion graphics.

Web Maintenance And Updates

As Jerry Torres’ position evolves in Florida, changes to the brand and copy are a must. We continuously monitor and update the website with new content and call-to-action links.

Like the results we produced for Jerry Torres?

Web Design + Brand Development = Guaranteed Success

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